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Numb3rs Flashfiction

Numb3rs are Everything

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Welcome to the Numb3rs Flashfiction community!

Please note that this community has gone on hiatus indefinitely.
For more information please see this admin post.

This community has been modeled on the flashfiction and weekly challenge communities in our other favorite fandoms and will follow roughly the same rules.


1. Challenges will be posted every two weeks sometime on Saturday and you will then have two weeks to respond to the challenge. While the challenge remains open, your story must be posted only to numb3rsflashfic.

The challenge will be formally closed by one of the moderators at the end of the challenge period and a new challenge will be posted. You can keep posting until you see that formal closing message even if we're slightly late in closing it.

Once a challenge has been closed, you are free to cross-post your story to your own LJ, website, archive, or anywhere else.

Late challenge responses will be accepted, so if this week’s challenge doesn’t inspire you, check out our past challenges. Just remember to include the challenge in the subject line as set forth below so we know where to stick it in Memories. Also, the fic must be posted here in the community even if it's for an old challenge, although you're free to cross-post it wherever else you like.

2. You must be a member to post, though not to comment.

3. All ratings, pairings (gen, het, slash and femslash), and genres are welcome here, as long as the story satisfies the conditions of the challenge. No Real Person Fic is allowed, however.

4. Your fic should be at least 100 words in length. There is no maximum size, but short fic are both welcomed and encouraged.

Regardless of the length of your story, please only post it in a single part; the LJ limit on post size is very large and should not be a problem for flashfic. If your story exceeds that size (approx. 15-20 pages), you may post it in two parts. If your story needs special formatting that LJ can't accommodate, please feel free to post it at a separate website and post a link to the website instead.

5. To make it easier for me to archive your stories, please include "[Title] by [Your author name] [Challenge Name]" in the subject line of your post. Stories will be archived in the memories section by challenge name.

6. You must include spoiler warnings!

7. Please include a header with at least the following information in your post and put the story itself behind a cut:

Pairing/Characters: (use full names)
Rating/Category: (eg, NC17/Gen)
Word Count:

8. Only challenge responses should be posted here. This is not the comm for questions or announcements or pimping your own communities. Any OT posts will be deleted.

9. No flames allowed!

Please suggest challenges! Challenge suggestions should be posted in the comments section of the previous challenge post.

Your mods are spikedluv and audrarose; sori1773 has agreed to act as our back up should neither of us be available for some reason. *g* If you have any questions, please contact one of us.

Banner and default icon courtesy of the talented chocojester, so mucho thanks to her!


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